September 05, 2011

My bad... :)

Sorry about the post that was just posted, if you saw it... that was meant for my other blog. I will be posting more to this one when I get all of my pictures in order.

I deleted the other one just in case you were wondering what happened to it.

Sorry about that and will post again soon!

Much Love,

August 27, 2011

New Updates…

Just wanted to let you guys know that I will start posting all of my invites and announcements and photo cards here. I will also be updating my price list here and the options for delivery here too. So, please make sure to follow this blog. Even if you aren’t looking to buy any right now. :) You can click on the blog tab on my facebook page and then click the follow button on BOTH of my blogs! LOL

Then you will be updated automatically on your newsfeeds with everything. There is even an option to follow through email. This means that what I post will go straight to your email and not clog up your newsfeeds. So, hope to see all of you following soon! :)

Much Love,

September 19, 2009

New Offer - Thanksgiving

Okay... now, pay no attention to the pictures that I am using for these designs because they are really not good. They would be better if I wasn't in them. LOL.

Well, here is the next one that I have been working on. It is for Thanksgiving or Fall. Like before everything that has to do with the wording can be changed to suit your needs. Hope you like. Thanks.


First Offer – Halloween Photo Card

Okay, so this is my first sample… I will be working hard this weekend to get some more posted. I am also working on a price list that will be posted as well.

I know some may not celebrate Halloween but I will be posting some Fall and Thanksgiving ones as well. This is just a first to see how they turned out and I think it turned out really well.

Maybe you all can let me know just how it turned out. Thanks.


September 18, 2009

New Venture

I am going to be brave and try to use my talent and creativity that I have learned with photo editing and creating pictures for my family, friends and just for fun in order to earn some extra money. While I am in no way a professional, I figure this is one way to use what I know to provide a service that is actually becoming very popular in somewhat of a demand. This is just beginning and I will be posting as I move forward. I will be posting samples and price lists and order options and all of that good stuff. I just wanted to make everyone aware that I am here and ready to create for you.

I may have designs already made that you can choose to go with a picture you have or you can let me know what you want and if it is possible I will do my best to create your vision. Everything will be customizable from the colors of the designs to the font and wording. Hope that I can help you in your needs. Remember, the holidays are fast approaching. Looking forward to creating your perfect photo greeting card.